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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Okay, balls crazy doesn't even begin to describe a show like this. Watching it when it was new it amazingly never quite clicked to me exactly how disturbing or insane this show was but looking at it retrospectively I have to seriously question the mentality of the people in charge of it's production. What. The. Fuck?

Nickelodeon's Rugrats premiered in 1991 and ran an amazing run straight to 2004, the show was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain all of whom went on to other projects which became insanely popular as well such as Gabor Csupo who went on to create Duckman and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

First of all you have to recognize that Rugrats is one of those rare shows that is known by virtually everyone universally, when released it quickly became wildly and widely popular and retained it's popularity for years which is an impressive task for any show, especially any show about such strange subject matter as this.. Perhaps though that's largely what inspired it's popularity, after all.. How many shows can you think of that you can watch that genuinely entertain as well as Rugrats did? You don't have to admit it but you know it's true, Rugrats as simple and strange as it was really holds the attention.

Secondly you have to realize and recognize that with the sheer amount of insanity and strangeness in this show that it's amazing the creators weren't institutionalized. The crazy shit in this show goes far beyond a simple acid trip, no my friend.. No.. This is the result of someone doing all the drugs, all the drugs on motherfucking moldy crazy-ass steroids then downing an entire goddamned Anchovie, Pickle, Ice Cream and Jalapeno Pizza.

Absolutely brimming with strangeness it's no surprise then that I vividly remember many of the episodes as being some serious unintentional but motherfucking High Octane Nightmare Rocket Fuck Fuel because shit. WHAT THE HELL?! This was a kids show with the above visualizations? I feel like Stu and Tommy have warped into some horrible obscene horror slashers, that's terrible! I mean.. Just.. Uhg.. Fuck..

Of course along with the insanity was also awesomeness, the show is littered with awesome references galore including many Dr. Who references surprisingly enough;

Following the adventures of Tommy, Chucky, Phil and Lil, Angelica and others and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations if this show didn't make you feel especially in retrospective viewing that you'd done the worst most fucked up drug in existence then you're just.. Well.. You're probably legally and physically dead, you can't not be weirded out by this show... That or you're fucking lying.

I honestly liked most of the characters in this show, especially Phil and Lil although I've stated in the past and I'll state in the future that Angelica brings out the worst side of me, the y'know.. Child beating angry side of me that Harold from Hey Arnold! managed to arouse in deuces, the case being that with Angelica she's such a self centered psychotic bitch of a brat that I just want to curb stomp her into the turf something vicious and awful.. And come to think of it and question it, how the fuck did she never end up morbidly obese with the way she ate and the shit she ate?

I mean really, look at that, Angelica's future should have been this;

Angelica the Hutt, dead at 6 from a massive coronary. Not this;

Seriously, hows that happen?! Fucking cartoon bullshit.

And yes, I've read 'The Rugrats Theory', I believe and feel it to be retarded tripe written by some Hot Topic reject pseudo intellectual that wanted to sound smarter than they are. One huge hole in that 'theory'? Notice how some of the stories are blessedly free of Angelica? Without Angelica if the babies were 'hallucinations' or 'delusions' they couldn't exist, so that blows that right out the fucking water because multiple stories feature only a few of the babies such as just Tommy and Chucky or the like.

..Also am I the only one that ever wanted a genuine Reptar Bar? Like Chocolate with the green goo tongue colour altering filling and all?

Reptar Bars seemed and were fucking awesome, why didn't they ever market a version of these in stores? These merchandised would have sold like fucking hot-cakes.

Rugrats get's a retrospective score of 9.6/10 Big Cat Paws, really good show, some choice trippin' without the use of drugs and entertaining colourful shit. It amuses my simple Big Cat mind.


Also I would like to question just how the hell the babies communication worked? Adults can't understand them but other babies can and so can kids as big as Angelica and Suzie, what the fuck? How the hell does that work? Is it that they can't speak to grown-ups or is it rather that they won't?


Tonight's dinner for James? Delicious Niwatori Sandoitchipuratta (Chicken Sandwich Platter), an open-face style sandwich made with oven-toasted bread topped by a Sweet Asian Tartar Sauce, a beautifully grilled CHICKEN BOOOOB! and topped by a helping of Asian Yellow Sauce along with a healthy garnish of Basil (most of this home-made)

It came complete with a wonderful Sweet Cream Cheese Anpan (Sweet Roll) and James seemed to quite enjoy it and I think it came out looking very pretty and professional. Can't say I'm disappointed.

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