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Monday, August 20, 2012

RETRO REVIEW: Pokemon - Johto Journeys & Johto League Champions

Okay I feel weird calling this a Retro Review, confession time.. Although I was seriously into Pokemon back when they were first coming out I admittedly fell out of watching Pokemon when they got into the Johto Journeys and just as the new Pokemon were introduced because typically the only place you could watch them was Kids WB! and I didn't get that channel at the time.. Sad for me because I actually saw the movies that were set during the Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions and I remember specifically at the time wondering what the fuck the story with these new Pokemon was, where the hell they had come from, and why the hell they hadn't been around before.

Turns out there's actually a fairly logical explanation surprisingly enough, something I'd call complete bullshit on given Pokemon and it's history of 'logic' or lack thereof but their explanation actually kind of stands and it simply that the world of Pokemon is divided into 'regions' like on our Earth, logically some of those regions have Pokemon you wouldn't and won't see anywhere else just like Earth has places with certain animals you won't and don't see anywhere else.. Cool.. Nice save guys, nice save..

Above is the Kanto region where the Pokemon series starts out and below is the Johto region where they eventually end up

So right two different regions and different Pokemon because of it, that makes more sense than most things in this damn series so I'm happy with it.

Pokemon The Johto Journeys and Pokemon Johto League Champions are more or less the same season even though they have different names, I count anything where they're in one region for an extended period of time as a single season personally, I don't know about you.. And honestly it's more of the same really, it's not a bad thing but it's what you would expect with the exception of a ton of new Pokemon, some of which are a liiiittle disturbing..

I know! I know! It's all innocent and really quite logical in the end considering it is a Cow Pokemon after all but there's something slightly.. Dirty about this.. I'm sure it has something to do with societies relentless programming of our minds, I just know that it makes me feel a little uncomfortable and mostly just makes me giggle and want to fondle my own boobs screaming MILTANK! MILTANK!

...Whiiich is probably someone's fetish..

This series also introduces one of my new favourite Pokemon, the indomitable and awesome Wobbuffet who makes a habit of popping up at the absolute worst and most hilarious of times, typically screwing Team Rocket over in a team-killing moron sort of way and, well.. He's just goddamned awesome!

Fairly early on in the series Jessie acquires him by accidentally trading her Lickitung for him with another trainer, something that she doesn't realize until it's all too late and a result of her scams, it's no surprise that Wobbuffet is often the butt-monkey of the team and frequently subjugated to terrible abuse but that just makes him more awesome.

Also just pointing out..

...'Nuff said..

Ash also acquires multiple new Pokemon in this series and new region specific starter Pokemon such as Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile who replace Kanto region specific starter Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, they're basically the same Pokemon with different re-skins and slightly tweaked personalities, they're all fairly amusing and serve well enough to keep your attention held at least.

Of course Misty and Brock are along with them and Team Rocket make their usual goofy rounds, specifically one episode has a particularly hilarious quote that I'm amazed they allowed to get past the censors in which the gang is interested in a Book of Astrology which reveals what type of Pokemon your personality is, frankly this is one of my favourite episodes I've ever seen because James in true awesome fashion goes completely overboard, becomes psychotic obsessed, and proceeds to steal the show with an insane goddamned fervor the likes of which I can only respect, insisting that he is A FLAAAAMING MOLTRES!

A fucking crane smashing open the wall, in bursts James in full attire before Butch and Kassidy held up by a line connected to the crane to proclaim proudly, 'I AM THE FLAME THAT BURNS THE BRIGHTEST! A FLAME THAT LIGHTS THE NIGHT! A FLAME THAT SHATTERS THE DARKNESS! I AM A FLAMING MOLTRES!', FUCK YES! Yes, James! You're a flaming goddamned Moltres, PREACH MOTHERFUCKER, PREACH! In to reply from Meowth and then Jesse, 'Dat outfit, where did he get it?', to which Jesse responds not missing a beat, 'I think it came right out of his closet', ZIIING!

Holy fucking shit, really?! They allowed that joke?! WOW! And it's hilarious and had me snorting and rolling so hard I thought I'd choke to death on my own spittle and laughter, motherfuck that was funny! So. Full. Of. Win.

There are of course a number of contradictions with the story, I mean I won't name them all but fuck, what do you expect? It's a show about super-powered aberrational animals that should have by all logical sense taken over the planet by now and subjugated humanity to servitude to them but have rather chosen to partake in dog-fights for children and unstable older folks, it's a world I'd love to live in!

I'm not finished with the series yet and I've already seen video-game characters such as Todd Snap.

I'm feeling pretty good about it even if it is an overly ridiculous series, it's good fun and I love Pokemon and I suspect I always will.

Pokemon The Johto Journeys & Pokemon Johto League Champions receive a rating of 8.5/10 Big Cat Paws; it'd receive higher if I got an episode of just Jesse, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet, I wanna see an episode of hilarity featuring only those four, gods the possibilities!

Also I've been recently watching Generation 5 Pokemon, Black & White as well as Rival Destiny on Cartoon Network and they've had Michelle Obama on several times in commercial for living an active life-style.. Much as I respect the message there's one thing I notice and I hate myself for seeing it because I despise movies like these and honestly with my skin condition I really don't see the humour in jokes about Vampires personally but.. Well.. Take a look..

....'Nuff said.. (PS: You can click the image to enlarge it.)


  1. Miltank...lol! Another great post. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Hehe, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, I really am! I had a lot of fun writing this one.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you thought so! Just something I had noticed while I was watching like I said, finally managed to figure out what I was seeing.


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