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Sunday, November 11, 2012

REVIEW: Avatar - The Legend Of Korra (Season 1)

We all know right away what to expect, I'm going to say what I want to say right off the bat and that is that it is so incredibly refreshing to see a female main character and a female hero actually being featured in a show like this, rock the fuck on, Nickelodeon, you've managed to redeem yourself from your recent years of consistent failure, I'm impressed.

Of course Nickelodeon's "The Last Airbender, Legend Of Korra" is a follow-up sequel to the hit cash-cow that was "Avatar: The Last Airbender", this one is what you might expect and then a little more, all I've got to say is wow but I think we all expected this level of excellence from the creators of Avatar and the Avatar team.

The animation is the first thing I'll touch upon, this is truly Disney level shit right here, it's highly impressive and leaves nothing to be desired. Incredibly fluid and well done you can tell that much of the animation is done via motion capture, there's just no other realistic way to do it. The designs in the show for the characters are amazing, I adore Korra's outfit mostly because it looks damn close to what I wear in real life with the exception that mine is a pink athletic (compression) top and my pants are typically black Shaolin bottoms but still..

Without spoiling any of the story as the shows progressed through the first season which still isn't over yet the characters that form our new "Team Avatar" have been assembled it seems. Bolin, the Earth Bender is a hearty and very Sokka-like person who is quite endearing in his ineptitude, Mako, the Fire Bender is very much like a kind of tempered Prince Zuko, considerably more good-natured than Zuko had started out, Asami is the love interest for Mako and by the way.. Bitch will taze you, bro.. Bitch will taze you baaaad..

And there's Korra, the Avatar. She reminds me most of myself personality-wise, it's interesting to see a Water Bender with the sort of mentality that she has because she's very aggressive, loud, and opinionated and has no problem letting people know it, her personality is best described as I would describe my own, I lack the normal inhibitions of your average person and the way I prefer to deal with my problems is to relentlessly fucking headbutt them until they yield or break. Is it hard on me? Sure.. But.. Fuck it, it's how I roll, it's how I've always been. Extreme's are just within my nature.

I couldn't help but see a little of myself when she abruptly as a child bursts through a wall, proclaiming in an obnoxiously loud voice; "I'm the Avatar, deal with it!" It's here I'll diverge a bit, I'm going to state something that may not be popular with fans of the show but as a practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu in real life which most of the Bending in this show and Martial Arts are modeled after I've got to state, I've seen a few very unique forms and styles featured that were quite well represented but a lot of the Martial Arts portrayed in this show aren't actually combat applicable Kung Fu, it's more "Wushu", the difference being that while Kung Fu is designed for betterment of the Body, Mind, and Spirit and is actually applicable in combat I.E. a fight, Wushu tends to be more for sport and therefore is about being more flashy, it's not particularly combat applicable unless you want to pointlessly spin and flip in a fight and get kicked in the fucking spine in the process. True some of the forms such as Baguazhang are more 'fluid' and tend to dance around and revolve a lot, the forms are still typically more 'grounded' when you're applying them to actual combat situations. You're not concerned about looking flashy or impressive, you're more concerned about applying your Martial Prowess to put the other person down and that means being more direct and mundane with your movement. Now moving on I not only love the character designs in the show but I'm really happy to see they've kept the weird animal thing going, Avatar Korra's beast partner whereas Aang's was a giant Air Bison is a huge Polar Bear Dog, something I've never conceived myself but the artists of the show did quite a nice job of actually pulling off,

The story is set 70 years after the original Avatar: The Last Airbender so most of the old cast is dead, Katarra is still around surprisingly enough and is even related to the new Avatar but Aang and the gang? They appear to have all passed away.. There is confirmation of course on Aang's passing because without him having died there would be no Korra and so it's rather obvious.. Sokka, Zuko, and the like however? A little less obvious and unclear so far to my memory of the show so far..

We still see signs of their presence within the world however from Tenzin, the son of Aang, Chief Lin Beifong, the Daughter of Toph Beifong (Wow, Toph had a kid? Weirds me out right there.), and of course statues and signs of honour to Avatar Aang which dot throughout the lands and story.. The new threat? It's no longer the Fire Nation and in fact it doesn't even seem to be Benders, rather it's non-Benders, the "Equalists" lead by masked Stephen J. Blum man, Amon;

I've seen a lot of theories on who Amon is behind the mask, personally I'm inclined to believe he's Tarrlok, but that's me.

They have a nearly identical stature and build, I can't believe that with the way Tarrlok has been operating that he wouldn't be Amon or at least working along side him because he's constantly played into the hands of the Equalists and is a crooked bastard, and honestly? He just seems like he may be.. I'm probably wrong, in fact I'm going to say that it would be too predictable for Tarrlok to be Amon in consideration but we'll see.. He's definitely related in some way..

At any rate at the point we are at in the show Season 1 still hasn't ended and some bomb-shells have been dropped the last episode. All in all? Avatar The Last Airbender - The Legend of Korra get's a rating of 9.8/10 Big Cat Paws, I'd give it higher but the misrepresentation of Kung Fu and Wushu kind of irks me.. And yes, I am that fucking petty. Eat me.


I was wrong, yea, I was wrong. Unless Tarrlok developed the ability to murder himself as himself standing next to himself which would be a pretty goddamned neat trick and raise the question, if he next to himself but in a different body from him killed himself would that be murder or suicide and ah fuck me, I've gone cross-eyed.

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